In-car Essential Oil Diffuser

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👉 Bring Freshness In Your Car 🚗 With This Car Air Humidifier & Purifier!

Do you often feel stuffy and dizzy air in the car? The world's first car essential oil diffuser, combining aromatherapy and moisturizing at the same time. The diffuser has a high level of aroma release and retains all the healing properties of essential oils, and also perfectly masks and neutralizes unwanted odors, such as tobacco. You will feel light, comfortable and relaxed in your car. It will organically fit into the interior of any car, provide moist air and, of course, a light fresh.



✔️ 3 in 1 function: Humidification, Aromatherapy, Purify.
✔️ Water Tank Capacity: 50ml.
✔️ Spray Volume: 25ml/h.
✔️ Mode: Humidification / Aromatherapy / OFF.
✔️ Relief from dry air, cold, flu, cracked skin in the winter and cold weather.


1. Cute design and easy to carry
2. Low power consumption, energy-saving, environmental protection
3. With 50mL water tank for holding water
4. Built-in aroma is good for your mood
5. The release of a large number of negative ions to improve air quality
6. Keep the air at a comfortable moisture level to help protect your skin
7. It can be widely used in offices, car, laboratories, computer rooms, etc.


Product Specifications:

💠 Color: Green/Pink/Blue/Purple
💠 Type: Car Humidifier /Aromatherapy Diffuser
💠 Material: Plastic
💠 Power Supply: DC 12V
💠 Working Current: 130-150mA
💠 Power: 1.5-2W
💠 Water Tank Capacity: 50ml
💠 Spray Volume: 25ml/h
💠 Mode: Humidification / Aromatherapy / OFF
💠 Size: 5.5*5.5*16.5cm / 2.2*2.2*6.5"


Package Includes:

1 x Humidifier 
1 x User Manual
2 x Spare fiber rods (1pcs already installed on humidifier)



Note: It must be used after the car running, please do not use it when there is no water in the bottle.

1. Press the on/off button once, the blue indicator is on, which is the Humidification Model.

2. Press the on/off button again, both the red and blue indicators are on, which is the Aromatherapy Model. (You need to add several drops of scented oil into the water)

3. Press the on/off button the third time, the red indicators are on, which is off Model.