Soothepad heating blanket

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Physiotherapy Heating Pad Relaxes And Speeds Up Muscle Healing 😍 Now Say Goodebye 👋 To Your Pain!

Heat therapy increases blood flow Hypothermia increases blood flow to the sore part of the body, causing muscle relaxation and speeding up healing.

Heating Settings

By choosing from 6 heating settings to customise comfort, you can choose to have the pad run continuously or use the timer to adjust the heating setting for up to 2 hours. A unique meter shows you the ready state of the heating pad.

Muscle stiffness thermal therapy

After a long and stressful day, you will naturally feel stiff around your neck and shoulders. If left untreated, this tension can cause tension buildup, muscle aches and headaches.

Relax muscle soreness

Heat therapy can increase blood flow and relax tight, sore muscles. You'll appreciate the soft fabric and digital controls that are easy to reach and use.


30 seconds soothing heat

The heated pad technology provides soothing heat release in 30 seconds for fast heating and rapid release. Feeling hyperthermia helps increase blood flow to the painful area to relax muscles and speed healing.


Product Features :

● Intelligent circuit control with LED work indicator;
● 6-speed temperature adjustment function.
● 30~60~90~120 minutes four-stage heating timing setting.
●Safe single-circuit heating wire.
●Intelligent sensing temperature and automatic control of power-off and power-off functions.
● 60 degree overheat protection.
● Safe slow heating and balanced heat transfer.

Product Specification:

Fabric: Crystal Super Soft
Width: 30cm
Length: 60cm
Rated voltage: 100~240V
Rated power: 75W
Weight: 0.4kg
Color: 60x30cm silver-gray, 60x30cm dark green
Specifications: British standard BS 240V, European standard GS 230V, US standard UL 120V, Japan PSE 100V, Australia SAA 240V

Package Include :
1* heating pad
1* adapter
1* instruction manual